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GPS Schweiz - App for Windows and Android

Privacy Policy

In the following privacy policy declaration, we state what personal data is collected and processed when using GPS Schweiz app and for what purpose.

1 Data Collection: what data do we collect?

With the GPS Schweiz app, data is collected, processed and stored for the purposes of correct technical execution and enabling optional functionality. No other person-related analysis of the information is carried out. The user can interrupt or stop the use of sensor data at any time.

2 Authorisations (right of access to information)

The authorisations mentioned below (access rights) are necessary for various functions:

2.1 In-App Purchases

In order to process paid in-app purchases, the appropriate consent must be given. The process of in-app purchases includes the purchasing process for the full version via the Microsoft Store or GooglePlay, payment, allocation of the purchase to an account and finally verification of the authorisation to use these paid functions.

2.2 Internet Connection (mobile network / WLAN)

If the free app is used, there must be an internet connection in order to use all the displayable maps and data. If the paid full version of the app is used, an internet access is necessary to download map files on the device. An internet connection is also necessary to call up timetable information concerning transportation stops and find place names.

2.3 Location

The app uses your device’s location service to show your current location on a map and for tracking. The location services are connected by the app via the standard interface of the operating system. Background location is necessary for tracking while the device screen is off. Location is one of the key functions of map apps. Location data is only used by the app for the above-mentioned functions. You can deactivate access to location information at all times in the device settings.

2.4 Compass

Access to the device compass is used to show you the north direction and for the correct orientation of the map.

3 Deletion of Data

Uninstalling the app deletes all data on the device. Data which has been explicitly stored in a directory outside of the app must be deleted manually.

4 Disclosure of Personal Data to Third Parties

Data is used exclusively for the operation of the GPS Schweiz app. The data is neither disclosed nor used for another purpose.

5 Responsibilities

Heinrich Baur is responsible for data protection. Please address any questions and complaints about data protection to:

Heinrich Baur

Binzmühlestrasse 372

8046 Zürich


E-mail: heiri.baur@bluewin.ch

Version: 24.11.2020